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Benefits of Nature

Let’s face it: You don’t need a gym to become fit. Instead, step outside into the fresh air and sunshine and work out with Wild Spirit Fitness. Exercising in natural places has many advantages. Not only are you more likely to enjoy your workout but you’ll get more out of it. Research has shown that people who exercise outside feel more energized and have higher intent to commit to exercising than those who exercise indoors. It’s even been found that workouts are perceived to be easier if done outside. Working out in natural places can provide a wide array of physiological and mental benefits. Besides obvious health advantages such as increased vitamin D, there’s scientific evidence that:

  • exercising outdoors has cardiovascular and metabolic benefits that indoor exercise doesn’t have
  • physical activity in nature may produce hormonal changes that can slow the effect of aging
  • exercise in forests can boost the immune system and possibly protect the body from cancer
  • cortisol, a stress hormone, decreases significantly after being in forested place
  • physical activity in natural places is linked to lower levels of negative emotions and higher levels of calmness and feeling refreshed
  •  stress and mental fatigue are reduced while focus and attention are improved from contact with nature




“Exercise within green spaces and the great outdoors may be a useful natural medicine.” Gladwell et al. The Great Outdoors: How a Green Exercise Environment Can Benefit All

How Wild Spirit Fitness Does It

Your workouts with Wild Spirit Fitness will use nature as the setting for reaching your fitness goals. Using an integrated approach to wellness, you’ll get fit by working out in parks, nature preserves and other natural places in central Connecticut. 

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