The Best Approach to Fitness

In our modern hyper-connected world, it seems we’re constantly inundated with images of how we should look and how we should get there. 

The fact is, you don’t need to have minuscule body fat or be able to lift hundreds of pounds to be fit. Glamour isn’t fitness.


Wild Spirit Fitness takes an integrative approach to wellness that focuses on practicality. Being fit is being able to move easily and efficiently without getting hurt, having ample strength to perform the tasks you need and want to do, and having a strong and efficient cardiovascular system. It’s about being healthy and capable.

If you’re after huge “gains” and rock-hard, superficial physiques, look elsewhere. If you want to get to a healthy body weight, be stronger, and feel better, Wild Spirit Fitness will coach you to where you want to be.

Practical fitness for real people

How Wild Spirit Fitness Does It

Working out with Wild Spirit Fitness is different than most other fitness programs. Our approach is grounded in increasing vitality and vigor. Your workouts will integrate cardiovascular and strength training, and promote a strong core and stable joints. Wild Spirit Fitness always seeks to incorporate the mind as well the body. 

Allen Edwards


Annie Williamson